Hypegolf List: 10 New Golf Courses That Changed the Game in 2023

Panther National looks like something you might build on the golf course creator in those old Tiger Woods PGA Tour video games. There shouldn’t be 4-story elevation changes in an area of South Florida where the highest natural point is a measly 86 feet, but Panther National doesn’t make any pretense of being natural. Rather, the signature mounds and hills at Panther were created by digging into the ground, then moving the dirt around to build strategic challenges throughout the course.

Although the golf course has been open for play for a month now (to members only), the surrounding community is still far from complete. Once finished, it will be a prime example of what lead architect Max Strang calls environmental modernism, essentially building a stronger connection between design and sustainability. The golf course, meanwhile, was designed by a team of Jack Nicklaus and Justin Thomas, the debut design project for the latter.