‘You are not good enough’ to do this: Justin Thomas’ go-to advice for amateurs

Justin Thomas, like all PGA Tour pros, is no stranger to the Wednesday pro-am — the obligatory hit-and-giggle with lucky hackers or golfers who snagged a spot through a corporate partner, work deal or some other avenue.

Either way, these are cushy gigs for the ams. Where else can you tee it up alongside some of the world’s best golfers? Plus, you don’t necessarily need a low Handicap Index to secure a pro-am spot. In fact, most of the people pros play alongside in these events are middling golfers like the rest of us.

What’s our point here? It’s that Thomas and other pros have seen it all.

The two-time major champ recently joined GOLF’s Dylan Dethier on the range at Panther National — Thomas’ new course design — for our latest episode of Warming Up. In it they discussed Thomas’ preparation, how he hits his go-to shots, some of his fondest memories on the course and more. He also answered this: What’s the most common advice he’s given during a pro-am round?

“Hit more club, hands down,” he said. “No amateur ever hits enough club. They are just infatuated with that 7-iron that they one time hit 180 yards with all that roll, and every time they are 180 yards they hit a 7-iron. I’m like ‘Guys, no offense, you are not good enough to be hitting the wrong club every time. You need to at least do yourself a favor.’”